15.1 You hereby irrevocably authorize Affin Banking Group to use or disclose to any corporation within the Affin Banking Group of companies and related 3rd parties any information of your accounts for whatsoever reason or purpose.

15.2 You further agree to authorize Affin Banking Group to make use of your account information for all purposes as the Affin Banking Group may deem fit at its absolute discretion unless you specifically inform the Affin Banking Group in writing of your refusal to allow the Affin Banking Group to use or disclose your account information for any specific purpose.

15.3 Whilst Affin Banking Group is committed to take reasonable care and use its best endeavours to ensure that information transmitted and received is secure, the Customer acknowledges the risks involved in using the Internet and that Affin Banking Group cannot guarantee the security of the said information and that it may not be accessed by unauthorised third parties. The Customer agrees not to hold Affin Banking Group responsible for any loss or damage suffered arising from the disclosures as specified herein

15.4 Disclosure is also allowed to all potential partners/shareholders of the Affin Banking Group whether locally or overseas incorporated for whatsoever reasons as the Group may deem fit.

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