Fraud/ Unauthorised Instructions/ Security Breach

Fraud/ Unauthorised Instructions/ Security Breach

The Bank shall not be responsible for fraudulent or unauthorized instructions, or any loss (including consequential loss), damage or liability whatsoever suffered and/or incurred by the Customer in the event that:

25.1 The Customer has acted fraudulently or;

25.2 The Customer failed to proceed with the following obligations or all such information or personal data may require of the customer:

  1. to safeguard his/her personal banking information such as the ID, password and TAC by disclosing it verbally or in writing to a third party or
  2. to take preventive steps to update and protect his/her PCs and smart devices to ensure that they are fully protected from malware/virus or
  3. to take responsible steps to ensure that the customer changes the passwords, check his/ her banking information and balances periodically and to keep to keep his/ her banking information and security devices secure at all times or
  4. to report a breach or a suspected compromise of security as soon as possible (within 24 hours) regardless of the customer's location after becoming aware of the breach or loss, either verbally or in writing to the Bank's customer support officers or any of the Bank's branch or
  5. to furnish the Bank with an official Malaysian police report as soon as possible after reporting the breach of security to the Bank; and/or
  6. to provide the Bank with the following information, either verbally or in writing, with respect to the disputed transaction(s): Customer's name, the affected account, the date and amount of the disputed transaction and reason why the Customer believes that it is a disputed transaction....."

The Bank shall work with the relevant authorities and reserves the right to institute legal action against customers who delay, obstruct and/or withhold vital information from the Bank, publish false claims on traditional or social media and/ or lodge false police reports with respect to any transaction.

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