Funds Transfer

Funds Transfer

11.1 Affin Banking Group is irrevocably and unconditionally authorized by you to act on all transfer(s)/recurring payment(s) instructions (in whatever form) received in respect of your Account(s) maintained by the Bank or Third Party Account(s), and to debit your Account(s) with any charges thereof.

11.2 Transferring of funds via the website from your accounts to your own accounts within Affin Banking Group as well as to third party accounts in Affin Banking Group shall be effected immediately upon successful authentication of your Username, Password or TAC, as the case may be.

11.3 For transferring of funds to another bank via, you acknowledge that the crediting of funds may be subjected to further terms and conditions of the receiving bank and that Affin Banking Group will not be liable for any delay or rejection by the other bank.

11.4 The list of other banks you can transfer funds to using is subject to changes and you agree that Affin Banking Group is not liable for any loss or consequence that you may suffer arising from the change which may occur from time to time.

11.5 Fund Transfer instructions where the Customer is transferring funds to a third party account maintained with the same company of Affin Banking Group, such transfer shall be subject to such maximum daily limit and conditions as are imposed and/or revised by the said company in Affin Banking Group or relevant authorities at their absolute discretion with 21 days prior notice.

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