Other General Terms And Conditions

Other General Terms And Conditions

23.1 You agree that Affin Banking Group's records of all information in respect of all transactions, instructions and communications made by you through affinOnline.com shall be binding and conclusive on you as long or to the extent of the law and shall be conclusive evidence of the transaction and your liability to Affin Banking Group.

23.2 You agree that Affin Banking Group reserves the right to impose or change any relevant cut-off time. Any instruction transmitted by you after the relevant cut-off time on any day will be posted in the books and records of Affin Banking Group on or for the next Business day following the date of the instruction.

23.3 You agree that Affin Banking Group has the right to require you to maintain a minimum balance at any one time in you account(s). Any failure to maintain such a balance may, at Affin Banking Group's discretion, result in a fee being imposed on the account and may further result in suspension or termination of your use of the affinOnline.com.

23.4 You shall not be entitled to use affinOnline.com, if there exists any restrictions whatsoever on you or in relation to your account(s) either imposed by Affin Banking Group or by any relevant authorities.

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