Transactions and Instructions

Transactions & Instructions

9.1 In the event that you detect that a transaction or instruction has not been accurately or completely received or processed by Affin Banking Group, you shall inform Affin Banking Group immediately within twenty four (24) hours after transmission of the relevant transaction or instruction. In order for the notification to be effective, the same has to be actually received by the Affin Banking Group.

9.2 Once you have given an instruction, you cannot cancel or amend it. However, upon your request, we may, at our absolute discretion, (but shall not be obligated to) agree to revoke, cancel, reverse or otherwise amend any earlier instruction of yours on a best effort basis. All costs and charges incurred by us in implementing any such requests by you shall be borne by you and may be debited from your Account(s) as Affin Banking Group deems fit.

9.3 For transactions and instructions initiated which require your input of information including but not limited to credit/charge/debit card information, account number, bill number and any other information, you agree that you will input as accurate as possible all the required information and Affin Banking Group will not be liable for any consequences arising from your failure to provide accurate and complete information

9.4 For transaction relating to the debiting of a Credit, or Debit Card (the Card), the Customer warrants that all information provided in respect of the Card is accurate and the Card is issued in the name of the said Customer, whether as a principal cardholder or as a subsidiary cardholder; and that the Customer is fully authorized to perform transactions on the Card. The Customer further warrants that the Card is genuine, valid and recognized by Affin Banking Group.

9.5 You agree that all transactions made via that requires the debiting of a Credit, or Debit Card is subject to final approval from the issuing bank. Where the approval is denied or delayed by the issuing bank, Affin Banking Group shall not be responsible for any delay or failure to effect the transaction or instructions

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