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Protect My Family

Comprehensive Cover

Premium health plan with the widest coverage

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Contingency Protection

Immediate emergency fund creation

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Accident Protection

Accident coverage 24 hours a day, worldwide

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Anti-snatch Protection

Protection from snatch theft and robbery

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Student Expenses Cover

Financial protection for students

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Protect My Home

Shield Your Home

Coverage for the property and everything within

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Hassle Free Safety

Keeping your home sweet home

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Protect My Travel

Worry-free Getaway

Take no risk, leave no regret

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Year-round Cover

Embrace a world of protection all year long

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Cuti-cuti Malaysia

Safer travelling nationwide

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Protect My Vehicle

Peace of Mind On the Road

Affin Motor Insurance – your choice
for worry-free driving.

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Financial Shortfall Cover

A complement to Motor Insurance that takes
the financial stress out of total loss.

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Legacy of Love, At All Times

A financial protection to leave behind a
legacy of love.

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Protecting your legacy the Islamic way.

Get Protected
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