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AffinOnlineAFFINBANK Easy Instalment Plan (EiPlan)
AFFINBANK Easy Instalment Plan (EiPlan)

AFFINBANK Easy Instalment Plan (EiPlan) is a feature which gives you the flexibility to use your credit card to make a payment for a substantial amount then repay it in instalments within a certain period.

The tenure, minimum purchase amount and interest rate for the EiPlan are as follows:

Tenure (Months) Minimum Transaction Amount One-time Upfront Interest
6 RM500.00 2%
12 RM1,000.00 4%
18 RM2,000.00 5%
24 RM2,000.00 6%
36 RM3,000.00 7%

You are required to spend a minimum of RM500 with your AFFINBANK Credit Card at any merchants and contact AFFINBANK at 03-8230 2222 or 03-8230 2323 (for AFFINBANK World Mastercard cardmembers) to convert the transaction to EiPlan.

You need to convert your transaction to EiPlan before your credit card statement date.

The instalment becomes payable after cardmember receives the statement advising on the instalment which is added towards the outstanding balance.

Successful EiPlan application will be reflected in the cardmember’s credit card monthly statement. cardmembers are advised to check their credit card monthly statement regularly.

Finance charge will be charged (according to your card type) on the overdue or outstanding amount not paid in full. You are advised to pay full EiPlan instalment to avoid being charged the finance charge.

Yes. Penalty of RM50 for each plan will be imposed upon credit card cancellation or full settlement made before the tenure chosen is completed.

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