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AffinOnlineAFFINBANK World MasterCard
AFFINBANK World MasterCard

You can obtain the AFFINBANK World Mastercard application form any AFFINBANK branches, Cards Business Department or you may download the application form from our website at www.affinonline.com and submit completed application form and supporting document as stated in the application form to any AFFINBANK Branches.

  • 21 years old for principal cardmember; and
  • 18 years old for supplementary cardmember.

Minimum annual income to apply for AFFINBANK World Mastercard is RM80,000 per annum.

Click here for the documents required for AFFINBANK World Mastercard application.

The statement date is on every 18 of the month.

Yes. The approved credit limit will be shared between principal and supplementary cardmembers, however you can assign spending limit for each of your supplementary cardmember.

Note: The spending limit assigned to the supplementary cardmember must be within the principal cardmember’s approved credit limit.

No. The credit limit will be on sharing basis.

Yes. You must activate your credit card and change the temporary PIN to a new PIN before the credit card can be used.

Card Activation and PIN Change
1. SMS to 66600

Type AACT<space>IC Number<space>Last 4- digit Credit Card Number;
Example: AACT 700707077777 3456


b. Call our Contact Centre (IVR – Interactive Voice Response) at 03-8230 2222 and follow the instructions provided via IVR.

2. Change temporary PIN

Change your temporary PIN to a new 6-digit PIN via:
a. Contact Centre (IVR) at 03-8230 2222 and follow the instructions provided via IVR.



  • Insert your credit card
  • Key-in your temporary PIN
  • Select PIN Change option
  • Enter your new PIN
  • Re-enter the new PIN to confirm
  • PIN change successful

Temporary PIN will be sent to your mobile phone number registered with the Bank upon successful credit card activation. The temporary PIN will be expired after thirty (30) days.


  • Activation via SMS is not applicable for non-Malaysians and corporate credit card Cardmembers.
  • Activation via SMS must be made with registered mobile number with AFFINBANK.
  • Activation via SMS is applicable for Cardmembers with Celcom, DiGi, Maxis, P1, U Mobile, Webe and XOX mobile service only.
  • Standard mobile service charge shall apply for each SMS sent.
  • Change temporary PIN via IVR is not applicable for passport holders and Corporate Card Cardmembers

Twenty (20) days interest free period will be given for all retail transactions, provided all outstanding balances of the previous month (as per the monthly statement) are fully settled within the due date. There will be no interest free period for cash advance transaction.

The cash advance limit is 70% of the credit card limit or available credit limit, whichever is lower. You may perform cash advance withdrawal up to three (3) transactions per day. You will not be able to perform any more cash advance transactions on that particular day if you have met maximum numbers of cash advance withdrawal allowed per day.

Please call our AFFINBANK World Mastercard Dedicated Line at 03-8230 2323 if you did not receive your statement / e-statement.

Yes. To do so, please complete the “AFFINBANK Credit Card Permanent Increase of Credit Limit, Permanent Decrease of Credit Limit, Temporary Increase of Credit Limit, Card Upgrade, Card Downgrade, Additional Card and Supplementary Card Application Form” and submit the form and supporting documents as stated in the form to any AFFINBANK Branches.
The form can be obtained from any AFFINBANK branch or visit our website at www.affinonline.com

Please call us immediately at 03-8230 2323 to block your AFFINBANK World Mastercard. A replacement card will be issued at your request.

It is important that we know your current contact details such as your address, telephone numbers and e-mail address to ensure we can keep you updated with important information relating to your AFFINBANK World Mastercard. You may submit your request via mail, fax, e-mail or visit any AFFINBANK / AFFIN ISLAMIC BANK branches.

For more information of AFFINBANK World Mastercard such as card application status, card cancellation, refund of credit balance or changes to contact details please contact us at one of the following channels:

Card Business Department
Level 1, Menara Affin
No. 80, Jalan Raja Chulan
50200 Kuala Lumpur
Telephone No. : 03-8230 2323
Fax No. : 03-2026 1424
Website : www.affinonline.com

Online Feedback Form at www.affinbank.com.my

Or, visit any AFFINBANK branches

You may complete the “Cancellation Form” which can be obtained at AFFINBANK branches and send via mail, fax or e-mail to AFFINBANK.

Note: You are required to pay your credit card’s balance in full as required by AFFINBANK upon cancellation of the credit card and will remain liable for any transaction effected through the use of the credit card (whether before or after the termination of the credit card), including transactions effected but not yet posted to your credit card account. Your credit card account will only be closed when your credit card outstanding balance is fully settled.

Yes. You are required to notify your auto-debit merchant on cancellation of your AFFINBANK World Mastercard in order for them to cancel the auto-debit transaction and for you to make a new arrangement for your auto-debit transaction.

Yes. Please provide your Savings or Current account details (e.g account number and name of the bank) in the “Cancellation Form” and send your request via mail, fax or e-mail to AFFINBANK.

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